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Dr.T.R. Rajamohan

Thank you for visiting this webpage. Social organization Non-Government, Nonprofit, Secular Registered body in India Established in 1997



Anti-corruption (anticorruption) comprise activities that oppose or inhibit corruption. Just as corruption takes many forms, anti-corruption efforts vary in scope and in strategy. A general distinction between preventive and reactive measures is sometimes drawn. In such framework, investigative authorities and their attempts to unveil corrupt practices would be considered reactive, while education on the negative impact of corruption, or firm-internal compliance programs are classified as the former.

Good governance

As corruption incidences often happen in the interaction between representatives of private sector companies and public officials, a meaningful step against corruption can be taken inside of public administrations. The concept of good governance can accordingly be applied to increase the integrity of administrations, decreasing hence the likelihood that officials will agree on engaging in corrupt behavior.[58] Transparency is one aspect of good governance. Transparency initiatives can help to detect corruption and hold corrupt officials and politicians accountable. Another aspect of good governance as a tool to combat corruption lies in the creation of trust towards state institutions. Gong Ting and Xiao Hanyu for instance argue that citizens, who have a positive perception of state institutions are more likely to report corruption related incidents than those, who espress lower levels of trust.

Prevention of corruption/anti-corruption

Values education is believed to be a possible tool to teach about the negative effects of corruption and to create resilience against acting in a corrupt manner, when the possibility of doing so arises. Another stream of thought on corruption prevention is connected to the economist Robert Klitgaard, who developed an economic theory of corruption that explains the occurrence of corrupt behavior by producing higher gains than the assumed punishment it might provoke. Klitgaard accordingly argues for approaching this rational by increasing the costs of corruption for those involved by making fines more likely and more severe.
Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. The international human rights movement was strengthened when the United Nations General Assembly adopted of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on 10 December 1948.Caste, religion, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and to the individual the birth of man's freedom and dignity, and the essential rights

Basic Human Rights of All the persons Civil Rights, the right to life, Right to Food, Right to Water, Freedom of expression / speech, freedom of thought, Freedom of the press, Freedom of Information, Religious Freedom, In front of law be treated equally right, The right to access to the courts, ask The right to an open trial, To investigate the presence of the accused, and he has the right to argue against, The right to a fair trial, appeal, and to review the, Judicial relief is granted the right to be wrong Slave intruder rights, the right to not be subject to torture, autonomy / self-determination, the right to publish comments, The right to assemblage, The right to social security, the right to protest, the right to receive notice of the dismissal information, The right to paid leave, The right to limited working hours (Weekly respite right),give the authorities the right to request and complaints the right to participate in government, the freedom to move, Freedom of assembly, board independence, The right to education, Language Rights, Cultural Rights and Property Rights.

We Are Focusing Democratic Governance, Poverty Reduction, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, Environment and Energy. Blood Donation & Free Education for Poor Children's.

About Founder/President/About Organization:


NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND ANTICORRUPTION MOVEMENT (NHRM) is a non-profit, non-governmental, secular registered corporation in International office at UK based on New Delhi, India. But the purpose of regional office in Karnataka are for providing easy-to-understand human rights education to adults and children and to effectively combat violations of human rights. National Human Rights and Anticorruption Movement was founded by Honorable Mr.T.R.Rajamohan.



To equip, Teach Human Rights education to adults, children and to effectively compact violation of Human Rights.


K.P.Swaminathan Honorable President
M.Haja moideen General Secretary
R.Subhashini Project Director (planning)
C. Alagu National President
A.M.Ziaoudeen National Patron
G.R.Sureshkumar B.L.,M.L Vice Chairman (Legal )
S.Sakthigiri National Patron
M.yogaraj National Patron
Dr.M.Saravanan South India President
S.Arunkumar All india President (Human Rights)
Shinoj. P All india General Secretary (Human Rights)
P.Mohan Babu National Patron
E.S.Suresh Organizing Secretary South India in Human Rights (Andhra Pradesh)
Dr.M.Francics South India President (Human Rights)
A.P.AsmathAli National Secretary (People Rights)
Lathiff Sha P.R.O
M.Govindasamy State President Maharashtra
Dr.M.Saravanan National Patron
Karthick.V South India General Secretary (Human Rights )
T.R.Nixon Stephen Raaj President (Youth Wing)
Mohan Isak State President Kerala
J.Jayanthikumari State Patron (karnataka)
V.S.A.Thaslim National Patron
Dawood Marakkayar National Patron (france)
P.Jaffer Ali State President Karnataka
G.Magendran State Patron Hubli (KA)
Dr.Ramesh Babu State President Andhra Pradesh
C.Prabhakaran Organizing Secretary Karnataka (Human Rights)
MSK Srinivas National Patron


E.S.Suresh State Organizing Secretary TAMILNADU
S.Sagul Hameed State Secretary (Minority Wing)
G.Jayachandhiran State President TamilNadu
A.S.Baskaran Senior Working President
S.Mathivanan B.Sc., B.L State Patron
Rev.I.P.Job Gnanaiah State Patron
P.Arulkumaran State Patron
M.Hariharaputhiran State Patron
AV.Guruzee State Patron
P.Renuka Devi Propaganda Secretary (Anti Corruption)
M.Rajni shankar State Secretary (Makkalatchi Peravai)
M.Sakthi prasad State General Secretary East
S.Prasanna B.E.B.L State Secretary (Legal Aid)
M.Ezhilan State Secretary Makkalatchi peravai
Eena@Ibrahim propaganda Secretary
J.Athavan Shivaji State working president
M.Rosario Antony State Secretary (Anti-Corruption)
Dr.M.Muralidharan Co-ordinator (Anti-corruption)
Dr.R.SOFIALARANSA MD,Ph.D, (ACU) Regional President Tamilnad (South Zone) Anti-Corruption
Dr. B.Sasikumar B.E.M.S., PhD., Regional Secretary Tamilnad (South Zone) Anti-Corruption
C.Murugesan State Co-ordinator
R.Manimaran State Secretary (Consumer)
J.Niranjan Moses Secretary (Students Wing)
A.Mahesh Kumar State Patron
N.M.Nazar State Patron
A.R.Manivannan State Patron
N.S.K Nagarajan State PRO
E.Gobal Abran State Patron
Viji @ Rajappa (State Treasurer)
B.Hariharan state Patron

Our Focus through Our Organisation:

Democratic Governance
Poverty eradication
Environment and socio economic development
Organising Blood donation camps
Free General health and eye camps
Organising camps against corruption

Area of our service:

Head office: Mumbai & Karnataka
Zonal office: Tamilnadu


All Districts, Taluks, Towns and Villages all over India.

Action centers:

India, France, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain, South Africa and U.K

Tamil nadu service:


In Tamil Nadu only we are doing social work in the name of Thesiya Makkalaatchi Peravai (தேசிய மக்களாட்சி பேரவை) and We are covering the rural area development by providing knowledge of the all human being and understanding their rights with the local government activities. This NHRM is a purely service oriented to get every one individual

Duration Of NHRM Services in India:


20 years of service without getting any aid from anywhere in the world totally free service.

Our organization Office Locations:


South India Head Office


Tamilnadu Commitee Office

No.740/1, 192/1, TH Road, New Washermenpet, Chennai - 600081.

Regional Office

#19, 1st Floor, Malleshpalya Main Road, New Thippasandra, Bangalore,Karnataka-560075

HUMAN RIGHTS (People Protection Office)

No.45/54 Nagenahalli Daloppalayout Kannur, Bangalore

Regional Offfice Address

307-Anna Nagar, Shiv Shakthi Co. HSG, Transit Camp, New Link Road, Near Star Bazar, Opposite R.T.O Offfice,Andheri(W),

International Office

#3, Alle Des Moulis, Appt-120, Zeme etages-95520,
Osny, France

The NHRM is purely service oriented to make the people to understand the individual rights. All are welcome to take part as a volunteer in our NHRM.
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